Providing Support and Resources for Women in Tech


We’ve all been there…

Our voice is lost in a meeting; having to extend and exert ourselves beyond our male coworkers for a fraction of the recognition; asserting ourselves only to be dismissed as “bossy” or “domineering”. On top of it all, we are Engineers. Our communication struggles extend beyond that of gender and personality types. Our navigation challenges extend beyond the likes of “how to manage up” and “ask for a raise”.

What if there was a community we could look to for support as we not only learn the language of the male-dominated industry, but also the languages that power our very livelihood?

Enter Stack and the City: A resource for women in software development or are interested in breaking into software development, but don’t feel like we have the space to do so. Let us all band together! Encourage each other to dive in without fear into what might otherwise be an intimidating pool. Share our learnings with each other so that we can help others navigate breezily what we had to fight through the hard way. Let’s pave the way for future generations of women in tech, so that we can have more female leaders in the ever expanding and conquering world of technology!